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How do you get paid to blog?

In the last two decades, we have seen a global surge in the number of people who are able to make money online. In fact, every day we see new examples of people who have left the 9-5 in an office and get paid to work remotely from any location.

One group of individuals who seem to be part of this trend are bloggers. To many, blogging may sound like more of a casual thing people do in their free time in order to share their thoughts and let off steam.

Though this may be the case for some, blogging allows others to earn a full-time income and treat their blogging like a business. Well, if you’ve ever asked yourself ‘how do you get paid to blog’, here’s everything you need to know.

What you need before you start making money from blogging

How do you get paid to blog - Copify 2The first lesson you should learn when it comes to making money from blogging is that it will not happen overnight. You need to first get a number of things in place before you can even think about making your first pound online. Here’s a rundown of what you need:

  • A following. Most importantly, you need to have people who genuinely care about what you write and who actually read your work. Only after you have built an audience can you then look to monetise it.
  • A good writing voice. You first need to find your blogging voice and identify what sort of a writer you will want to be. This is essential to building a personality around what you write.
  • A blogging platform. You will, of course, need a professional site on which you can publish your articles and start to drive traffic. Here’s a useful guide to building your first blog.
  • Something to write about. Being a successful blogger means being able to continually pump out new and interesting content each and every month. So you will need a topic that you are passionate and experienced in, and which you can write about week after week.

4 ways to get paid to blog

OK, so once you have all of these things in place, it is then time to start thinking about ways you can actually monetise your site and start to get paid to blog. If you already have a solid audience, then you can now look at ways to make money from them.

But if your traffic levels remain low, you will first need to look at building up the number of visitors on your site. Either way, it never hurts to have an idea of how you will eventually get paid to blog. Here are some ideas:

  • Affiliate marketing. This is where you promote other people’s products on your site and then get paid every time someone clicks through from your site and purchases a product.
  • Banner advertising. Banner advertising, notably Google AdWords, is a simple way to monetise your site. You get paid everytime someone interacts with an advert on your site. You can also advertise space directly to companies for rather sizeable sums, depending on your traffic.
  • Sponsored content. Somebody might pay you to publish an article or to review one of their products.
    Selling your own products. Many bloggers now sell their own physical and/or digital products directly through their blogs.
  • Earning freelance writing work. A great way to make money blogging is to then be asked by others to write content for them after they realise how successful your site and your content is.

How do you get paid to blog - Copify 3

This last point is important and is another great avenue to consider if you’re wondering how do you get paid to blog. Once you develop your skills as a blogger, you can then look down the route of becoming a more established writer. Some people may approach you directly to write for them, or you could reach out to find clients yourself.

Either way, your blog could be a great place to showcase your thoughts and your expertise in an industry and then pick up writing work elsewhere. For more information on this, check out this article here on how beginner writers find writing jobs.

No matter which routes you decide to go down, do note that you can make some serious money from blogging. In fact, some bloggers regularly earn six-figure sums each and every year from their blogging. Though there’s no exact answer to “how much do you get paid to blog?”, this article helps highlight the potential that exists.

7 steps to getting paid to blog

how do you get paid to blog - CopifyIt’s worth noting that not every blogger earns money the same way, and their journies to blogging success may all be different. However, there is a general theme that you can look to follow if you want to start getting paid to blog yourself. Here’s the basic 7-step approach.

  1. Identify a topic that you have experience in and would like to blog about
  2. Build a site where you can publish your blogs
  3. Set up social media accounts where you can promote any content you write
  4. Regularly publish insightful and thought-provoking pieces that your target audience will want to read (you may want to get a content creation agency to help you with this)
  5. Engage with others in your industry and help to promote your content
  6. Build up a regular following on your blog
  7. Decide on a strategy for monetising your blog and selling to your audience

Remember, getting paid to blog doesn’t happen instantly, and instead means commitment and dedication to writing great content and promoting it effectively. It also requires you to read up on industry changes and learn important lessons, such as how to write well-optimised copy.

But, with a little bit of effort and determination, there’s no reason you can’t build a following and start upon your own exciting blogging journey. You may then have the freedom to travel the world and earn your income from your laptop in any location you choose. Others have done it and so can you.


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how to get a freelance writing job copify

How to get a freelance writing job in 3 steps

The world of freelance writing can be a daunting one and to start out can be confusing. You often have no idea what steps you should take, how you should be spending your time or if you’re even doing the right thing. Well, here’s some great news, it doesn’t need to be this way! Finding a freelance writing job is easy when you are equipped with the know-how to do so.

What is freelance writing?

The job of a freelance writer does what it says on the tin: you are writing for a living. You exchange your time or words for money, regardless of the niche you specialise in. You provide writing services to a client based on needs, which will typically be published on a job description, or you’ll work them out in advance in a brief agreed with the client. You are not a typical ’employee’, rather you are an equal partner to your client and will most likely be self-employed.

How to get a freelance writing job: checklist

how to get a freelance writing job copify 3

First things first, you need to have a few things in place before you can get a freelance writing job.

1. Computer: This is simply so you have somewhere to do and save your work.

2. Internet connection: The chances are that if you are reading this, then you’ve got access to the internet. If you’re on the go, consider obtaining a “dongle” for portable internet connection.

3. Email address: Don’t use the email address that you made when you were thirteen years old. The chances are it’s embarrassing, but it’s also unprofessional. Create a new one that showcases your professionalism – usually just your name or your trading name is fine but you might also like to pay to have it linked to your domain.

4. Writing software: You can write on Google Docs, Microsoft Office, or any other online writing platforms available. Just ensure you have something to complete your work on.

5. A portfolio: When you trying to get a freelance writing job, it’s important to have some experience at hand as this is often required to prove you can actually write. You can create a portfolio in the form of an online document with links to your best work, or use an online portfolio template. Alternatively, make use of a free WordPress blog to upload your best samples and to practice your writing as you progress.

6. A PayPal account: Freelance writing jobs are often paid via PayPal, and it doesn’t cost a penny to create an account.

7. A desire to write: You shouldn’t do a job you don’t enjoy. So make sure you actually enjoy writing before you attempt to get a freelance writing job.

8. A decent dictionary and thesaurus: The way you produce content might be new but the foundations of great writing remain the same. Online dictionaries are fine, just choose a reputable one like Oxford Dictionaries, and a tool like Grammarly can help you pick up on any typos and grammatical errors.

Next comes the effort. You need to search for work, but fortunately, there are plenty of platforms that offer you opportunities to find work.

How to get a freelance writing job: where to look

1. Search freelance writing job boards

These are often mid-range paid jobs with established clients, and as long as you are a good writer, then you’ve got a fair chance of finding a freelance writing job. Different freelance writing job boards include:


All Freelance Writers

Blogging Pro

You can even sign up for alerts on jobs in your favourite writing niches. This means the type of writing jobs you enjoy will come to your inbox so you can check them out from there.

2. Opt into content sites

how to get a freelance writing job copify 2Content sites like Copify are a perfect training ground for those who are just starting out and attempting to get a freelance writing job for the first time. You can gain lots of experience, and get paid for it due to the sheer volume of jobs available. And of course, you can take on as little or as much as you wish.

You can often find that work is categorised on these websites into topics and niches such as “Travel”, “Beauty”, “Health” and so on, which gives you the opportunity to gain experience in your favourite areas so that you aren’t too out of your depth.

Some of the best content sites available include:





People Per Hour

3. Try the classic cold call

People are often too scared to cold call due to the fear of rejection, or they simply can’t be bothered. However, this is one smart way to get a freelance writing job and build up a client relationship. There are thousands upon thousands of businesses on the internet who need your freelance writing skills, they just don’t know it yet.

Firstly, choose your writing niche and work with that. Some people think that when you choose a specific writing niche that you are locking yourself off from other writing opportunities. That is a misconception, you are actually making yourself more desirable, especially when that’s the niche you will be targeting.

how to get a freelance writing job copify 4

Dive deeply into your chosen niches and find all of the options of companies that will need writing in some form, then simply write an email pitch to them, showcasing your skills and offering your services with a handful of examples of the kinds of topics you could write on. Not everyone will want you to write for them, and not everyone will even open the email. But when you put enough work into your research, then eventually a client who needs you will respond.

Once you’ve negotiated a rate and proved your skills, you are on the road to having your own personal client and gaining a recurring freelance writing job. If all goes well, then you’ve got yourself a reference for future potential clients. The key to this strategy is not to give up. It’s the freelance writers that are persistent and work hard that get a freelance writing job quicker and are better paid than others.

4. Search for guest post opportunities

As we know, in order to get a freelance writing job we need experience and some form of a portfolio behind us to prove our abilities. Guest posting is the perfect way to achieve that. You may think that writing for free is a waste of your time, but it certainly is not! Not only will you gain valuable experience, but you’ve made a new connection in the writing world and raised your profile that little bit more.

It’s also possible that if the person you are writing for enjoys your work, they may offer you a paid writing opportunity in the future. It’s a lot easier to find guest post opportunities than you may have thought. Google can save the day! You can do a simple Google search, “niche + write for us” and see what opportunities arise.

Now that you have gained a better insight on how to get a freelance writing job, your success will be based on one main condition: your perseverance. It’s a competitive world and the work of a freelance writer can be hard to find, so you need to remain determined to succeed in a world of budding freelance writers.


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How to be a successful freelance copywriter Copify 4

How to be a successful freelance copywriter

Being a freelance copywriter is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding jobs around. You have the opportunity to work on a variety of different projects and can often do so from any location you please.

However, there’s a reason that successful copywriters get to enjoy such perks, and it’s because they have put in plenty of work to get to that stage.

But don’t worry, if you’re wondering how to be a successful freelance writer, then there is loads of support around you. There’s also plenty of work available if you’re willing to go after it. To help get you started, here’s your guide on forging a career in this exciting industry.

Decide on a niche

How to be a successful freelance copywriter Copify 3The fact of the matter is that there are tonnes of copywriters around claiming they can write about anything and everything. If you don’t focus down on a certain niche, then you will find it incredibly hard to build a reputation and target specific clients.

However, if you are able to define a few key topics that you are great at, then you can double down and focus on building a reputation within that niche. You can target customers exactly within that niche and all of the work you do is directly relatable to your next customers.

This means you can build a targeted portfolio much faster than if you were trying to appeal to the masses. The best part of all? There are plenty of companies that need content from every niche, so you can genuinely specialise in an area that you are most passionate about.

Be willing to put in the work

Even the most successful freelance copywriters know one simple truth, which is that you are only “lucky” so long as you keep putting the work in.

When you tell others what you do, they will likely always say how lucky your life is and how lucky you are to have a well-paying job for great clients. However, there is nothing lucky about it.

It all comes down to actually putting in the hours and being there to reap the rewards. Clients aren’t going to seek you out. Instead, you need to go after them.

That means that, even if you get 50 rejections in a row from potential clients, you need to keep going. You need to realise that the 51st proposal might be the one that says “yes” rather than “no”.

Be tactful in your pricing

How to be a successful freelance copywriter Copify 2The ultimate aim of being a successful freelance copywriter is to build up a close set of high-paying clients. If you are writing for a large number of clients every single day, then the quality of your work will suffer.

But getting to that point means knowing how to accurately price your work. You don’t want to go in with rates that are simply too high, but you also don’t want to sell yourself short as you’ll build up the wrong sort of clients.

Ideally, you should approach new clients with an offer to work for a lower starting rate, perhaps half your normal rate. Though this may not be very much to you in the short term, it will reap the returns once you prove your worth and they are happy to keep you on for your standard rates.

Once you do get those lower paying jobs, make it clear they are just half your normal rates, and then put your all into them anyway. This approach will allow you to blow your clients away, and they will be happy to pay the proper amount soon.

Over time, once the demand for your services increases, feel free to increase your rates and make it clear to your clients that you only have so many hours to work. You will find that people are happy to pay you more as long as you are putting in the hours for them and producing top quality pieces each and every time.

Keep on learning

Copywriting is just like any industry, there are those that get ahead and those that fall behind. The ones that fall behind are those that don’t put the effort in to keep up with changing trends.

You should be willing to keep up to date not just with your niche, but also with the market for copywriting as well. If there are new marketplaces that come about that allow you to find clients, then get involved and build your presence.

There are always new opportunities available, and you should be active in your community. Twitter is a particularly good platform for you to engage with and learn from others in your position.

Better yet, you should be following and building relationships with those who are more successful than you and who can help you progress to the next step in your career. See our blog post on the copywriting experts you need to follow.

Finally … give back

How to be a successful freelance copywriter CopifyKnowing how to be a successful writer is a skill all unto itself. As mentioned throughout, there are plenty of platforms available to help you grow and develop. You can even take this quiz on how to reveal your chances of success as a freelance writer!

Once you do find success in any shape and form, it is good to share this with others and help them improve as well.

Giving back is not just beneficial for others, but it is great for you as you start to build your own circle of influencers and open up more avenues you don’t yet know are available. You also get the chance to repeat and hone the skills you have developed.

If you are looking to build up your experience and prove your abilities as a copywriter, then Copify might be a great place to start. You can create an account today and start taking on new and interesting orders across a number of different industries.


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how does freelance writing work Copify

How does freelance writing work?

As the internet has become more and more accessible, and freelancers have more tools at their disposal, freelance writing has grown in popularity as a career choice. However, the very idea of someone sitting behind their laptop each day simply writing words and getting paid money to do so may sound absurd to many.

How do freelance writers even find work? Who pays them? How much do they get paid? And how do I get involved? These are all very natural questions to have about the life of a freelance writer. So this post should hopefully clear up most of your questions if you’ve been wondering how does freelance writing work.

Firstly, what even is freelance writing?

how does freelance writing work CopifyIn its most basic state, freelance writing is somebody getting paid to write money for a client who needs some words written. That is it. A freelance writer does not necessarily have to be in any location or write about anything specific. As long as somebody is happy to pay them for their words, then they are a freelance writer. They will have a direct relationship between themselves and the client they are writing for.

What sorts of things to freelance writers write about?

Generally speaking, freelance writers could write about absolutely anything. However, the types of writing that freelancers generally perform falls into the following categories:

  • Blog posts
  • Web page content
  • Sales pages
  • Product descriptions
  • Press releases
  • Email marketing
  • Articles
  • How-to guides
  • Reviews

These categories are not necessarily all-inclusive but probably cover most of the work freelance writers do. This article from recently looked into top freelance writers’ predictions for 2018. It appears that 2018 will be an exciting year for the industry as new types of content are becoming desirable. Such as the “position zero” content and writing for voice search results.

Now, if you want to know what sorts of topics freelance writers cover, then this article simply won’t be long enough. Within the category of product descriptions alone, everything is sold online nowadays from garden equipment to mortgages and from cakes to intercontinental missiles.

However, what you generally find is that freelance writers will find themselves a few niches and then become experts on those topics. Clients looking for work then know that certain writers are good to hire because they are dedicated to and knowledgable about those industries.

How does the payment process of freelance writing work?

how does freelance writing work Copify Freelance writers are effectively self-employed, just like any other small business owner. Except that their business is their writing ability and their office is wherever they choose. As such, they need to handle payments themselves and in whatever way is most suitable for them. Online money transfers directly to a bank account or to a PayPal account are popular choices.

Because there is no exchange of a physical product or tangible service, the payment process can be different to other jobs. In much the same way a builder doesn’t want to spend weeks building a house only to then not get paid, a freelance writer does not want to sacrifice hours of their time only to then not get paid either. Many freelance writers will, therefore, expect payment before work commences or at certain milestones throughout a project.

How do freelance writers and clients find each other?

As the internet has grown, more online resources and marketplaces have become available. As such, the market for freelance writing has begun to thrive. This makes the internet the most common place where clients and writers find each other. Much the same as how customers initiate any sort of purchase, it all begins with a Google search.

Freelance writers will usually have an online profile which allows them to showcase their talents and their work. Alternatively, clients themselves will post work on job boards, where writers then find the sort of work that they’d like to do and create a proposal for the client. Copify is just one example of a writing marketplace that brings passionate freelance writers together with clients who are looking for their services.

Other than this, freelance writers and clients can also find each other without the help of the internet as well. Referrals within the copywriting industry are common, as clients like to choose writers who come recommended from others.

How much do freelance writers get paid?

As the old saying goes, “how long is a piece of string?” How much a freelance writer gets paid will depend on a number of factors that include the following:

  • How much experience do they have?
  • Where is their work being published?
  • Are they writing for wealthy businesses and clients?
  • How hard do they work?
  • Does their writing lead to proven sales?
  • Do they have a strong and happy base of client reviews?

Freelance writers normally get paid on a per word basis. Starting rates can be anywhere from 1 pence a word right up to £1 or even £10 a word. It ultimately depends on their experience, their reputation, and whether or not their writing is unique and desirable. If a writer can craft product descriptions that help a business sell 10 times more than their rivals, then that writer would be in very high demand and their rates would reflect that.

What is needed to become a freelance writer?

how does freelance writing work CopifyBecause there is so much room to specialise within the freelance writing industry, becoming a freelance writer is a job that doesn’t require a specific set of skills. Yes, you will, of course, need a firm grasp of English grammar and a passion for writing, but you don’t need any exact qualifications or experience per se. Many writers who have stumbled into their career have done so by chance rather than due to a career they have long dreamt of as a child.

To get started you should first assess what sorts of passions you have and what you would be most interested in writing about each day. Once you have decided on this, you can create yourself a basic website or portfolio.This doesn’t even need to be work that has been published somewhere but could be a set of articles you have written about your chosen topic and which demonstrate your writing style and your industry knowledge.

Afterwards, you can start approaching clients via job boards such as Contena. You can also talk to friends and relatives to see if they have any work or to see if anyone they know needs any work done. With enough perseverance and time, you can start to build up a list of clients who like your work and are happy to hire you on a recurring basis. There is no clear path to success, but it will require you to keep fighting through and making your name known.

If you are an aspiring writer and are interested in starting a new career, then Copify could be a great place for you to start. Our writers are first fully vetted to check they are up to the correct standard of writing. Afterwards, however, they gain access to a whole host of exciting projects that allow them to develop their skills and write for a diverse array of clients. If you are interested, then you can find out more here or check out the rest of our blog.


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