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The growing demand for SEO in Australia


It has become vital for all Australian businesses, both local and national, to rank well in Google’s search results for the services they offer or the products they sell. In the US, ninety-five percent of online sales are made by businesses that appear on page one of Google, for commercially relevant keywords. When it comes to internet sales, Australia is still lagging behind the US and the UK by a few years. Nonetheless, in the years to come, this trend will undoubtedly characterise the Australian online market too. Consequently, Australian companies will have to embrace internet marketing methods, such as SEO, or face losing customers and profits to foreign companies, with superior SEO strategies.

In recent years, Australians have changed the way they use online search engines significantly. Rather than typing in broad keywords, like “children’s shoes”, web users are searching for highly specific keywords, such as: “buy children’s red shoes”. SEO firms have been falling over themselves to rank their clients’ websites for these long tail keywords. This is because these keywords are less competitive, and they deliver 500 percent more sales conversions than they did just a few years ago.

There are a greater percentage of smartphone users in Australia than there are in the UK and the US. Recently, Google released data showing that sixty-five percent of Australian smartphone users search for services and products on their devices. Also, this data shows that ninety percent of these users search for local based keywords with the region’s capital city included in them (Perth, Brisbane etc), or the suburb included (Bayswater, Hamilton etc). Most importantly, after searching, eighty percent of people purchase something. Remarkably, websites that rank on the first page of Google, for suburb related keywords, convert visitors into customers at a rate of twenty-five percent.

Therefore, Australian businesses can enhance their SEO efforts by bidding on keywords related to the suburbs and localities that they serve. These businesses can incorporate SEO into their websites, by making them mobile friendly and easy to access. However, one of the best SEO tactics you can utilise is to speed up a website’s loading time, because Google’s latest algorithm update gives better rankings to fast, mobile optimised websites. Nowadays, throughout Australia, businesses are seeing the benefit of targeting a diverse range of keywords for SEO purposes. It is foolhardy to limit yourself to broad keywords, when the data above clearly demonstrates that there are many profitable long tail keywords, that are easier to increase rankings for.

If you are interested in SEO, it is important to remember that SEO is very volitile due to all of Google’s algorithm changes and recent updates. About 100,000 sites are being penalized each week by Google for “unnatural linking.” When doing SEO for your business keep in mind recent trends and algorithm updates. What was working in the industry a year ago is not best practices for getting and staying ranked today. Keep in mind the above SEO trends for future marketing strategies.

CSV export of your order history

Today we’ve launched a minor feature with major benefits – exporting your order history.

We’ve had many requests for this feature and it’s now here. You can now export your purchase history as a CSV making accounting and record keeping a walk in the park.

Here’s how

From the “Money” section of your Copify account, you can now view a complete Order History which includes a breakdown of each copywriting order.

Export your order history

Export your order history

Select a month

Select a month

Make your accounts department smile!

Make your accounts department smile!

Introducing the new Copify WordPress Plugin

If you’re among the 60 million people who use WordPress to power your website, you can now order and publish content from our copywriters directly from your dashboard!

Once you have installed the Plugin, follow these simple steps:

1. Place an order

Ordering copy is quick and easy, simply choose a title, a category and add some details about your requirements.

Fill in a brief

Fill in a brief, it only takes a minute

2. Review and approve

Once you’ve ordered your copy, sit back and wait for it to be written. Most jobs are returned within 24 hours. If you require any changes you can request these before publishing.

Review the copy

Most jobs are completed in under 24 hours!

3. Publish

Once approved, your copy is moved directly into your drafts. Simply format the text, add any links or images and you’re ready to publish!

Format, add links and images and publish!

Format, add any links and images, publish