5 things I’m bored of hearing from SEOs

Following our ‘what not to put on your SEO agency website‘ post, here’s 5 phrases to avoid if you don’t want to sound like a chump.

“I’m a Rockstar”

As great as it is, SEO is not Rock ‘n’ Roll

So you’re a maverick? Not afraid to bend the rules, maybe buy the odd link or two?

But a Rockstar, really?

Rockstars sleep with supermodels and drive Rolls Royces into swimming pools.

When was the last time you did that?

“Content is king!”

Content is king?Most of the people who claim that ‘content is king’ wouldn’t know good content it it slapped them in the face.

It’s only after the recent Google updates that most SEOs have really started to wake up and smell the coffee.

Even now there are plenty of people who are paying lip service to the idea that content really matters.


“Google is so unfair!”

Google is so unfair!

Google is constantly changing it’s algorithm in order to deliver a great user experience.

Yes it’s annoying that you can’t just submit an ezine article or two to get rank any more. It’s even more irritating that you can’t see your referring keywords in Google Analytics.

But Google doesn’t owe you a living, quit whining about how evil it is and get on with it.


“I’m an SEO strategist”

SEO strategist

The SEO strategist knows everything there is to know about Google’s ark of updates.

Ask him to actually show you how to acquire some backlinks and he’s stumped.


“I’m white hat”

Amazon’s SEO guys are white hat, everyone else has to be at least a little bit grey to get stuff done. Stop claiming that you are whiter than white, you’re not fooling anybody.


Works at Copify

2 thoughts on “5 things I’m bored of hearing from SEOs

  1. Hi Martin,

    Interesting article… 😉

    I’m currently an SEO Strategist at my new job (since July), however I physically build links, too. SEO job titles have often been off-the-mark and/or irrelevant in my experience. I’ve been an Account Manager who had more of a Specialist role, actually carrying out the work. I’ve also known Specialists who’ve never done any link building. I think the true measure of what someone does and what they can/can’t do is highlighted more by the work they do/have done, rather than the job title alone. Just my opinion anyway!

  2. Thanks for commenting Steve! I have an irrational dislike of the term ‘strategy’ in general (stay tuned for a post on this) so please don’t take offence. I’m sure you are among many SEO strategists out there with tangible, hands-on experience.

    Job titles can indeed be misleading. I call myself ‘Commercial Director’ but I look after account management, sales, marketing, writer recruitment and when I have time, writing controversial blog posts 😀

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