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SEO 2022 – What does the future hold?

If you haven’t already heard, the SEO Chicks are running a competition. The challenge, a blog post with predictions on what SEO might look like in 2022. The prize, tickets to the SES Conference and 3 months mentoring from the ladies themselves.

We’ve taken up the gauntlet and here is our entry, inspired by one of the greatest films of all time.

SEO could be heavy in the future

SEO could be heavy in the future

Voice activated search

We already have Siri and surely it’s only a matter of time before more and more people start using voice activated services, whether they are turning on the lights, hydrating a pizza or searching on Google. As a result, 2022 SEOs may have to adapt target keywords to what people say rather than type.

Augmented reality

We are already beginning to see augmented reality; by 2022 this will surely be the norm. You can already see what a new sofa will look like in your home and by 2022 you might just have finished paying for it.

By then, search terms beginning with the query ‘show me…’ could be commonplace.

Jaws 19

The shark might still look fake...

Aggressive tactics won’t work

We’re already seeing Google become increasingly clever at detecting paid links. In the future, it is unlikely that aggressive SEO tactics will be effective.

Google will become evil

As Google bows to growing shareholder pressure and becomes increasingly commercial in the way that it does things, it will completely lose sight of its ‘Don’t be evil’ policy. This may force people to use other search engines.

Griff Tannen

Google will become evil

Will SEO still exist?

Maybe search engines will become so advanced that it is literally impossible to try and influence their results…

SEO contracts may be terminated

SEO contracts may be terminated