Copify is 1 year old. Beer?

A big fat 1 today

Well, what a year.

Copify has been running for 12 months and aside from bragging about how we celebrated, we wanted to post this to say a HUGE thank you to everyone involved.

When we started Copify we could not have dreamed of having this number of quality, hard working and conscientious copywriters, picking up jobs and hitting deadlines day in day out.

Thank you so much, you guys rock.

Also not forgetting the clients who have put faith and money in to Copify, thank you for using the service. Without you guys we could not have got off the ground, and we sincerely hope you are as happy as we are with the service.

Copify at beer fest
Some questionable hand placement, Martin and Rob pre-Ale

So, what does a Northern web company do to celebrate?

A Beer Festival in good ol’ Lancashire of course!

Being the crafty sods we are, we managed to wangle VIP tickets to the Lancaster Roundhouse Beer Festival, held in Lancaster Town Hall.

The annual event, now in its 22nd year, puts on a liver-busting spread of 60 ales, all from local micro-breweries, and also a selection of obscure international beers and fruity ciders.

This year also saw a new record for attendance, with the Friday night seeing more hangover enthusiasts turn up than ever before. Everything was all so civilised, we were savouring each and every beer,  comparing notes on things we had absolutely no idea about, then suddenly the lights were dimmed and the music started…

Lancaster Town Hall filling up nicely
Lancaster Town Hall filling up nicely

What ensued will hopefully never be revealed, but lets just say there was some outrageous dance moves going on and the hangover was well worth it.

Thanks to everyone at the Roundtable for a great night, hopefully our livers will be fully operational again for next years event!

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