Monthly Archives: September 2010

Direct Order Function Launched

drum rollBy popular demand, we are highly delighted to announce the launch of our new Direct Order feature, which will now allow you to place orders with your chosen copywriters.

How it works

Unlike our traditional service, which offers your job to all of the writers in our pool, placing a Direct Order means that you can specify which of our writers you want to assign.

You can place a direct order either through the copywriter’s profile page.

What this means for clients

Direct Order makes Copify even more attractive to clients, as it means they can build established relationships with copywriters, giving them even greater assurance that the content they receive will be exactly what they are looking for.

What this means for writers

Writers now have an even greater incentive to provide consistently high levels of work, in the knowledge that this could lead to repeat work in the future, meaning clients are happy and continue to use the service and in turn generating more work for the writers, it’s a win-win situation folks!

Try it out now…

Why not give it a whirl, by browsing some of our copywriter profiles.