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Jobs now auto-complete 10 days after completion

A boffin at Copify

A boffin at Copify

Writers: Tired of waiting weeks for a completed job to be approved so you can pocket your hard earned cash?  Well, the boffins at Copify have been working on a way to ensure the jobs you finish are paid for in a timely fashion.

A common problem is that web agencies who use the Copify service are busy. Really busy. Sometimes they are so busy, they forget all about leaving feedback (meaning you don’t get paid) because they are elbow deep in SEO reports, thumbing through affiliate statistics or simply getting distracted by other things….oh look a squirrel!

So, we have set a deadline for feedback. The wonderful clients who use Copify now have 10 days to leave you feedback (good or bad!) before the job is marked as complete and you get paid either way. Simples!

Clients: We feel this is enough time for you to check your completed jobs (remember, we email you the second it is finished) and leave the appropriate feedback for the writers. They do not receive payment for their hard work until you accept the jobs so we feel this is the fairest way to ensure nobody is waiting too long.

iPhone Blog Plugin

WPtouch plugin

look how hot it looks...I'm dribbling!

It’s amazing what you find on the Internet at 11:30 pm (ahem).

We found a really simple but effective plugin for our blog called WPtouch which transforms WordPress in to a really easy to navigate (and more importantly, read!) mobile version for your trendy iPhone. If you are on one of those retro computer things, you will see our normal blog, but if you are procrastinating on your smart phone you will see the lovely “mobile friendly” version.

Pop the files in your plugin directory, and BOOM….iPhone goodness. You’ll need to know how to use an FTP client to transfer the files to your web space, which in itself will make you an Internet legend, but other than that it’s a piece of cake.