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Copify Versus…

The following examines our service, in comparison with several of our competitors:


Textbroker is a US service which, like Copify, charges per word. The site operates on a tiered pricing structure relating to the quality of the writing requested.

Prices range from $0.012 pw (£0.01) for ‘legible’ 2 star copy upto $0.067 pw (£0.04) for ‘professional’ copy. All jobs are also subject to a $0.30 (£0.20) transaction fee.

At Copify we have only 2 tiers of pricing: £0.03pw for ‘standard’ copy and £0.05pw for ‘professional.’

The key differences between ourselves and Textbroker are as follows:

With Copify, you specify a deadline for each job, whereas on Textbroker jobs are left open-ended. This means you have no way of knowing when your copy will be delivered.

At Copify, all of our writers are UK based and many have journalism qualifications and marketing experience. Textbroker’s writers are all ‘native english’ speakers from the US.

People Per Hour, Guru, Elance et al.

These sites operate as a marketplace where you can source copy from a community of freelancers. The sites are based on a bidding model, which allows you to post a job and then compare proposals from various different freelance writers who are interested in your job.

The difference between Copify and these sites is that we remove the hassle of reviewing bids and can return copy significantly faster. With Copify, you simply post a job and it will instantly be made available to a list of approved writers who you can be sure are of a good standard.

Freelance Copywriters

Instead of using Copify, you could use the services of a freelance copywriter, who will usually bill you per hour or per day, rather than per word.  These rates can vary wildly, with the most experienced copywriters charging anything up to £500 per day.